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Business Transformation with Duet360, Salesforce, and Epicor

Updated: 7 days ago

Integrating Salesforce with Epicor ERPs using Endowance Solution's Duet360 leads to business strategy transformation by bridging the gap between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). Consider the following:

Holistic Customer Management

  • Transformation: Create a seamless flow of information between customer-facing (Salesforce) and operational (Epicor ERP) systems.

  • Benefit: Sales and customer service teams have real-time access to inventory, production schedules, and order status, improving customer service and satisfaction.

Sales and Order Processing:

  • Transformation: Sales orders entered in Salesforce immediately trigger production and fulfillment processes in Epicor ERP.

  • Benefit: Reducing manual data entry leads to fewer errors, speeds up the order-to-delivery cycle, and enhances overall efficiency.

Integrated Supply Chain Management (read our blog titled: Duet360 from Endowance Solutions is a Supply Chain Game-Changer):

  • Transformation: The integration delivers supply chain data to all teams, providing access to information critical to sustaining business flow.

  • Benefit: Sales and procurement can lead demand forecasting, inventory levels, and supplier relationships, resulting in more efficient and responsive supply chain operations.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

  • Transformation: Combining data from both systems provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • Benefit: Businesses gain insights into sales performance, operational efficiency, and customer trends, allowing for informed strategic planning and agile decision-making.

Optimized Resource Allocation:

  • Transformation: Duet360 enables resource planning and scheduling synchronization between Salesforce and Epicor ERP.

  • Benefit: Optimize resource allocation, such as personnel and materials, based on real-time demand and production data for better resource utilization and cost savings.

Streamlined Financial Management:

  • Transformation: Financial data selected from Epicor ERP is shared with key individuals in Salesforce.

  • Benefit: A unified view of financial performance equips all teams with the knowledge for better budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting, leading to more informed strategic financial planning and control.

Improved Collaboration and Communication:

  • Transformation: Duet360 from Endowance fosters collaboration between departments, providing one platform for data and communication.

  • Benefit: Stronger, more coordinated efforts across sales, production, and customer service teams, as well as improved operational efficiency and business outcomes.

Scalability and Flexibility:

  • Transformation: Building solutions to support long-term growth is critical to remaining competitive. The integration delivers scalability across multiple locations and databases.

  • Benefit: With expansion, this integration will adapt to increased demand and complexity without compromising performance or data integrity.

Customer Insights and Personalization:

  • Transformation: Integrated data presents a 360-degree customer view, combining sales and marketing interactions with operational details.

  • Benefit: By better understanding customers' needs and preferences, businesses can offer more personalized customer experiences, tailor marketing efforts, and improve customer loyalty.

Compliance and Risk Management:

  • Transformation: This platform complies with industry standards while integrating data governance across Salesforce and Epicor ERP.

  • Benefit: Enhanced compliance reduces risk, protects sensitive data, and ensures business processes adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.

Transform your business today and start with Duet360 business integration between Salesforce and Epicor ERP. Effectively bridge the IT/OT gap and perform operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and scalable growth.

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