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Reduce Unplanned Asset Downtime by Leveraging Real-Time IIoT Data

Duet360 for IIoT provides OEMs with the capabilities to monitor and maintain end customers' assets health, move to proactive, predictive maintenance, automate the service parts and delivery process to achieve aftermarket service revenue targets and corporate sustainability goals. ​​

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How IACP helps equipment manufacturers, including SMEs and mid-sized companies, progress into a competitive, profitable future

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Through Partnerships Endowance Delivers

Customer Satisfaction

Elevate customer support and service to new levels of proactive attention. Comparing real time data to benchmark fingerprint data history, eliminates guesswork to predict asset performance degradation

Remove data processing silos

Bring OT and IT systems together for a cohesive picture of asset performance and part inventories required, combined with service warranty actions

Revenue Opportunity

Avoid missed revenue opportunities by steady and consistent Salesforce or other CRM executive dashboard analysis of performance metrics for each asset. Never lose sight of daily production highs and lows


Back up Asset Performance

Guarantee asset performance by actively tracking production history identifying anomalies and addressing them proactively to secure and maintain customer confidence

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Check out the latest on Integrated Asset Condition Performance.  Enabling a competitive, profitable future for manufacturers and OEMs.

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