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Empower your company with Duet360 OneOffice for Salesforce and Epicor

Success Requires a Customer-360 View

Circular depiction of 18 objects covered by Duet360 OneOffice.

Duet360 OneOffice delivers high-value Salesforce and Epicor integration use cases and is configurable for unique business processes. No need for the high cost and risk of customized integration projects. 

Duet360 is available for the following Epicor ERP's (Cloud as well as On-Premise):

  • E10

  • Kinetic

  • Bistrack

  • Lumbertrack (in progress)

  • Prophet 21 (P21)

Integration as a concept is mostly thought about as a technology. Endowance handles integration as a Business Process Integration challenge, many Integration Companies provide a Data Movement Solution, Endowance does the opposite and is an end-to-end Business Process platform that automates Front and Back End Processes. We believe Front and Back Office should be OneOffice.


Duet360 is not about Data Movement but to optimize end-to-end Business Processes.

New, unique functionality for Salesforce to support complex requirements including:

  • Integrating multiple ERPs with a single Salesforce org;

  • Support for ERP, and multi-company accounting;

  • Special treatment of Ship-To Accounts in Salesforce to match ERP

For More Information please visit the Duet360 Page on Epicor's website


Duet360 OneOffice enables businesses to sync data between Salesforce and ERP solutions such as Infor, Epicor, Sage,
​MS Dynamics, Netsuite, SAP, IFS, and other systems, including Custom ERPs and Applications.

Precision Marketing

Grow your pipeline with compelling messages based on accurate customer information like Quotes, Orders, Service Cases, Returns​​ and more


At Endowance Solutions, we're proud to offer rapid deployment of Duet 360 OneOffice, with implementations possible in as little as four weeks. Our streamlined process is designed for efficiency, ensuring you experience the benefits of a unified workspace sooner. Trust us to accelerate your transition to OneOffice, enhancing productivity and operational coherence in record time.

Strategic Sales

Be the informed Account Manager and achieve trusted advisor status by knowing the complete history of interactions with your company from suspect to repeat and referenceable customer

Industry Leading Processes

Our experience working with manufacturing and other industries to understand their business processes is recognized to include up to 85% of integration requirements out-of-the-box.  With configuration to achieve any unique goals that differentiate you.


Empowered IT

Duet360 is a managed service, delivered in the cloud, that eliminates integration complexity, enhances performance and stability, and requires minimum IT involvement

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Matrix of Services for Duet360 OneOffice.  The base product plus three add ons: field service, configure price quote, and E-commerce.


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