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Why Duet360 OneOffice is the Ideal Solution for Integrating Salesforce with Epicor ERPs

Updated: Jul 9

Seamless integration between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems promotes operational efficiency and strategic growth. Specifically, for organizations using Salesforce and Epicor ERPs, the choice of an integration solution can significantly impact business outcomes.

Duet360 OneOffice, a packaged integration solution with the flexibility to be customized and certified for Epicor ERPs, offers compelling advantages over custom, noncertified integration solutions. Here's why Duet360 OneOffice should be your go-to integration solution.

The Power of Duet360 OneOffice

Duet360 OneOffice is a robust, predesigned integration solution built to bridge the gap between Salesforce and Epicor ERPs. It combines a packaged solution's reliability and quick deployment with the flexibility to customize according to unique business needs. Certified for Epicor ERPs, it ensures seamless, secure, and efficient integration.

Benefits of Duet360 OneOffice

Certified Integration for Reliability and Security

Epicor Certification: Duet360 OneOffice is certified for certain Epicor ERPs, meaning it has undergone rigorous testing and validation by Epicor. This certification guarantees the integration meets the highest security, reliability, and performance standards.

Reduced Risk: Certification minimizes the risks associated with integration failures, data breaches, and system incompatibilities. You can trust that the integration will work seamlessly and securely within your Epicor environment.

Rapid Deployment and Immediate Value

Quick Setup: As a packaged solution, Duet360 OneOffice is deployed quickly, allowing your business to start reaping the benefits of integration in weeks, not months.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality: The solution comes with pre-built connectors and workflows for Salesforce and Epicor ERPs, reducing the need for extensive custom development and speeding up the implementation process.

Customization Flexibility for Unique Business Needs

Tailored Adjustments: While offering a robust standard integration, Duet360 OneOffice provides the flexibility to customize workflows, data mappings, and business rules. This ensures the solution can adapt to your specific operational requirements.

Scalability: As your business evolves, Duet360 OneOffice can scale and adapt, accommodating new processes, additional data sources, and changing business needs without requiring a complete overhaul.

Cost-Effectiveness and Predictable Pricing

Lower Initial Costs: Compared to custom integration projects, Duet360 OneOffice has a lower upfront cost. You benefit from predictable pricing models, which include ongoing support and updates.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: Maintaining and updating a custom integration can be expensive. Duet360 OneOffice reduces this burden by providing vendor support, regular updates, and enhancements as part of the package.

Comprehensive Support and Continuous Improvement

Vendor Support: Duet360 OneOffice has robust vendor support, ensuring you can access expert assistance whenever needed. This support is crucial for addressing any issues quickly and effectively.

Regular Updates: The solution is continuously improved with vendor updates, ensuring you always have access to the latest features, security patches, and performance enhancements.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Streamlined Processes: By integrating Salesforce and Epicor ERPs, Duet360 OneOffice eliminates data silos and streamlines workflows, improving data accuracy, better decision-making, and enhanced overall efficiency.

Automation and Synchronization: The solution automates data synchronization between Salesforce and Epicor, reducing manual data entry, minimizing errors, and ensuring real-time data availability across the organization.

Real-World Impact

Imagine a manufacturing company that uses Salesforce for customer relationship management and Epicor ERP to handle its operations. With Duet360 OneOffice, the company can:

  • Quickly Implement Integration: Deploy the integration solution rapidly, minimizing disruption to ongoing operations.

  • Customize Workflows: Tailor specific workflows to match unique business processes, such as order management and customer service, ensuring a perfect fit.

  • Ensure Compliance and Security: Rely on the certified integration to meet compliance requirements and protect sensitive data.

  • Improve Decision-Making: Gain real-time visibility into sales and operational data, enabling better strategic decisions and quicker responses to market changes.

Get It Right

Choosing the right integration solution is crucial for leveraging the full potential of your CRM and ERP systems. Duet360 OneOffice offers a certified, packaged integration solution for Salesforce and certain Epicor ERPs, combining the benefits of rapid deployment, customization flexibility, and comprehensive support. By opting for Duet360 OneOffice, businesses can achieve seamless, secure, and efficient integration, driving operational efficiency, enhancing decision-making, and supporting strategic growth.

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