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Why Integration is key to Digital Transformation?

Manage Customer Relationships

Integrating CRM and ERP systems is a differentiator for companies looking to turn their information into actionable insights. Seamless integration provides critical to stay current with customer activities. Integration allows for all the necessary data and records to be stored in a single “source of truth” rather than haphazardly across siloed networks of back offices and physical files.

Integration can automate and transform previously manual data entry into automatically traced sales efforts, freeing up valuable time. Rather than being stalled by back offices gathering company leads and client data, the system can deliver real-time updates instead of the previous waiting games.

Quicker Billing and Product Deliveries

Sales and manufacturing information are synced between systems allowing customer orders to be processed, invoiced, and shipped efficiently and at a much higher velocity. Suppliers are automatically notified of any changes in order details due to the instantaneous flow of data between systems. Streamlining these processes leads to reduced operational expenses and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Endowance Solutions’ OneOffice Duet360™

Complete View of the Customer

Integration allows companies to exercise complete visibility over virtually all customer and product data instantaneously. “Duet360 has restored confidence and delivered a holistic customer view without having to dig into complicated data sets,” reports Fraser Gibson, VP of Quality and Strategic Initiatives at industrial distributor Levitt Safety. “We’re looking to Endowance’s OneOffice Duet360 to continue to help us meet these growing marketplace demands and the smooth flow of process between sales, order fulfillment, and service.”

Mike Larson, Senior Information Systems Manager at General Plastics, provides yet another testimony. “I always had to call our order entry folks to get a tracking number for our customers. Now, with Duet360, it’s all there.” Having data available through General Plastic’s integration will help further expand their marketing efforts into the realm of marketing automation and customer evaluation. Endowance’s seamless integration through the use of Duet360 has and will continue to provide a full end-to-end view of company data.

Simplified Integration

CRM systems often require information stored in ERP systems such as product and pricing information, order details, delivery tracking, invoicing status, etc. Without the ability to share data between the two systems, data has to be retrieved manually, often sacrificing time and revenue that could be spent elsewhere. Charlie Dwyer, Marketing Manager at Philadelphia-based CoverSports, reports their CRM prior to integrating with Duet360 “didn’t work as promised. The information our team needed wasn’t readily available. Most of the reporting was simply an Excel spreadsheet, leaving a whole lot of analysis to the user. Management could not easily view sales performance in a dashboard because the data was extremely difficult to present.”

Endowance’s OneOffice Duet360 provides additional functionality to Salesforce to deliver a Customer-360 profile. Endowance’s simple interface allows for instant updates of product and pricing information, invoicing, and shipping timelines available within Salesforce. Information is gathered and displayed automatically and in real-time. “Endowance already had a solution that out of the box mapped to 80% of our data requirements and information we needed to sync back and forth,” says Dwyer.

Reliable Service

As part of the managed service, Endowance monitors the integration process 24/7. With over 1,000,000 hours of operation, the company knows when integration or disrupted before a customer does and immediately works to develop countermeasures if necessary. “Having Endowance on standby as a critical support partner, knowing they are just an email away, alleviates the burden on my team. It’s nice having another set of expert eyes to answer questions and address other needs quickly,” remarks General Plastics’ Mike Larson.

CoverSport’s Charlie Dwyer additionally states, “The one thing we were really looking for was stability and reliability. OneOffice Duet360 has been very easy to use in that way. The reports that we have and use the most are based heavily on the information made available by the integration of our front and back office system with Duet360.”

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