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Transforming Manual Processes into Automated Insights

Companies deserve a full, end-to-end view of the data needed to successfully grow their business, without the need for repetitive interaction between sales, manufacturing, and back-office services. While CRM systems allow for sophisticated automation of marketing, sales, and internal processes have become table stakes for most businesses—a major data hole exists. To provide meaningful sales solutions, CRM systems have a greater impact when data housed in back-office ERP systems- such as product and pricing information, order details, delivery tracking, invoicing status – are easily accessed and updated in the CRM. Without the ability to integrate CRM with ERP systems, data remains siloed and must be retrieved manually, causing added friction, repetitive actions, and lost revenue.

While many CRM-ERP integrations exist in the market today, most come up short in the following areas:

  • Reliability: Certain solutions might appear to be in the same software family, even sharing a common name, but in reality-- these are usually acquired solutions built on different development platforms. These integrations look and operate differently than their parent CRM tool, resulting in many of the same headaches as pre-integration, as well as chronic data reliability issues. They simply don’t work well together. A forced marriage if you will.

  • Cost: Due to platform incompatibility between CRM-ERP systems, many integrations require a customized solution that is both complicated to upgrade and dependent on on-site expertise. As a result, these fully customized solutions often become both expensive and maintenance intensive.

  • Time: The complexities stemming from a CRM-ERP integration result in a high level of risk for companies on a tight timeline. The loss of time due to the manual processes needed to supplement an incompatible integration leads to delays for companies looking to streamline processes and build efficiencies.

At Endowance, we knew there had to be a better way to get a 360-degree view of the customer. After years of experience as service providers, assisting our clients through various business scenarios, our own managed package solution was developed to take the risk, cost, complexity out of CRM-ERP integration.

We enable business processes through best practices with a technology solution.

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