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Sustainability – More than just a Buzzword

Real-time asset monitoring, a key feature of IACP, means machine data is collected and monitored to ensure Predictive Maintenance. The reason for a particular machine behavior outside of its specification is understood, and corrective action is taken based on that knowledge.

Effective asset management and ensuring availability means that machine capacity can be better managed. Better capacity management means better OTIF (on time in full) delivery, and the ability to get closer to genuine JIT (just in time) supply chain management, enabling better inventory management and corporate sustainability.

Sustainability is more than just environmentalism. In today’s economy, it is also about commercial viability. A profitable business, that has costs under control and is commercially viable, is sustainable. Businesses that have costs under control can afford to invest in environmentally sustainable initiatives without worrying about return on investment to the exclusion of all other considerations. A sustainable business can calculate the ROI and put it in context: being a good corporate citizen, having positive community relations, meeting, and exceeding legislative requirements.

Environmentally, if a machine can have its lifetime extended by 50% then a 10-year life becomes 15 years and the need to replace reduces from three times in 30 years, for example, to just twice, with savings in raw materials, mining, extracting, and processing, helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

Duet360 for IIoT collects sensor driven asset performance data that will assist this calculation and provide key datapoints to help a company assess its alignment with ESG Scope 1 and 2 guidelines. This data can be collected from all assets onsite and across multiple locations. With the right sensors, other emission related data can be collected within the building, further assisting sustainability efforts and carbon footprint calculations.

The sum total is a business that is a good corporate citizen, environmentally responsible and commercially sustainable. Learn more about benefits of IACP in our White Paper

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