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Packaged Integration Process (PIP) as a Tool for Accelerated Growth

A barrier to implementing sales and service integrations with back-office applications is the time and effort required to get these process improvements off the ground. This investment of time and effort translates into additional cost incurred beyond the cost required to build a customized design solution in the first place.

However, Packaged Integration Processes (PIPs) presents an opportunity for companies to transform their integration strategy into a faster delivery model.

What is a Packaged Integration?

PIPs are predefined application integrations designed to automate and standardize typical business processes that require the integration of multiple applications, such as ERP and CRM systems. While some customization may be needed, these comprehensive implementations of commonly occurring integration challenges provide a robust and efficient solution for many integration needs.

Deployments can occur on-premises and/or in the cloud. Most PIPs are built on top of an integration platform with appropriate runtime infrastructure that has been developed either by the platform provider themselves or an associated third party.

PIP software programs are normally maintained and supported with full reliability, maintenance, and life-cycle management allowing for ease of upgrade and immediate troubleshooting as needed.

PIP Benefits and Uses

Rapid Deployment → Greater Time to Value: PIPs are pre-built solutions. They enable teams to deploy integration work faster and deliver ROI more rapidly than a customized integration solution.

As a PIP provider, Endowance’s OneOffice Duet360TM frequently covers over 80% of customer needs out of the box, without any additional customization. Duet360 strives to make solution integration seamless and hands on support to clients throughout the entire integration process.

Best Practice Approach: PIPs are built based on years of experience of understanding the integration requirements between key ecosystems, therefore providing best practices in connecting and translating key objects between these disparate software systems.

OneOffice Duet360 specializes in Salesforce CRM integration with many ERP systems to provide a 360-degree view of manufacturing ecosystems.

Product Life-Cycle Management: PIPs are easier to maintain if they are provided with a supported set of integrations with full life cycle and version control. Organizations using them do not have to worry about keeping them updated with the newer versions of the underlying integration platform or the integration endpoints.

One of the most significant benefits of OneOffice Duet360 is our proactive update process. Endowance works directly with customers when version updates are required and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Salesforce and OneOffice Duet360

OneOffice Duet360 is a PIP that enables customers to install a Salesforce-based integration process unique to their business that merges manufacturing, sales, and service lines of business into a holistic data view. With Duet360 capabilities, companies can add deep integration of their ERP manufacturing data with Salesforce. This new data view enables enterprises to segment their operations with a new level of efficiency without the difficulty of building out an entirely customized solution.

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