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Consider these Factors for a Successful Salesforce to ERP Integration

Integrating your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Salesforce is a game-changer for your business. ERP systems alone are not enough to track business activities. Salesforce will help manage customer, product, and sales information needed for success. The synergy between Salesforce and ERP systems is a powerful tool for real-time access to decision-making information.

The following steps can help to ensure a successful integration project:

  1. Select a business integration partner who will keep your best interests in mind while following best practices learned from experience.

  2. Data quality is always important. Plan the correct steps with your business partner to ensure data is clean, accurate, and up to date. This will help ensure the data shared between the two systems doesn’t cause errors leading to data inconsistencies.

  3. Depending on your business goals, there are several integration methods. Each has pluses and minuses. Select a process that delivers timely and consistent updates with guaranteed uptime. Keep in mind executive requirements for reporting and decision-making. Sales teams typically need updated information at their fingertips when working with customers. This promises the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  4. Select a solution that minimizes customization. This is an opportunity to update and streamline processes that can benefit from automation to enhance the timeliness of decisions and task completion. The integration solution should be adaptable to accommodate specific processes unique to your business.

  5. Security is a critical aspect of any business operation. When integrating your Salesforce and ERP systems, ensure your data remains secure. Choose an integration solution that provides adequate security measures and operates securely behind a firewall respecting secure data transfer protocols.

  6. The overall user experience is important. Burdening your employees with extra steps and unnecessary data entry will limit or delay acceptance. Secure processes that improve daily activities and improve the flow of information to groups supporting the sale and delivery of products and services. Ensure the solution is user-friendly and employees receive adequate training to use the integrated system effectively.

  7. Ensure executive management is involved in key decisions needed to support the integration, and approvals needed, and to secure budget and timelines that deliver project time to value.

Salesforce to ERP integration can provide significant benefits to your business. Endowance Solutions has the breadth and depth of experience to guide your decisions to the right solution fit. Duet360 OneOffice can cover up to 85% of business integration requirements without customization. This is important for delivering a solution on time and within budget.

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