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At Endowance Solutions, we're not just experts in digital transformation—we're your partners in seamless automation and integration. Our specialized managed platform, featuring prebuilt connections between key applications like ERP and Salesforce, takes your business to the next level. We harmonize your OT, IT, and Operations to deliver world-class customer service and operational excellence. We've empowered businesses to navigate digital transformation effortlessly. Join us and be inspired to achieve your unique vision for success.


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Duet360 OneOffice

Duet360 OneOffice is Endowance's pre-built Salesforce and ERP integration product.

Helping manufacturers and distributors to drive digital transformation through automation, on-demand information sharing, and removing friction from manual processes.

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Duet360 IIoT

Create new, consistent, and recurring servitization revenue streams with the Duet360 IIoT solution, which delivers the ability to grow aftermarket parts and service revenue.​ Together, Predictive Maintenance & Endowance have a proven method through which manufacturers are able to increase revenue and profit margins in an automated, low-risk way.

Duet360 IIOT is a platform that predicts failure from sensors on an Asset. Using AI/ML technologies the Terrabytes of Data will result in an Attention Index. This Attention Index will be used to determine the severity of the potential failure. The proprietary Orchestration Hub is used to trigger a process called Flawless Supply Chain of Parts. This includes an automated workflow that creates a Case, Quote, Order, Invoice, Shipment, Field Service Appointment automatically, using Salesforce, Duet360 IIOT and your ERP of choice. 

Duet360 IIOT Orchestration Hub

Duet360 Archiecture

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