Empower Your Business with Salesforce and ERP Integration

OneOffice Duet360™ is a pre-built integration product which enhances Salesforce with new functionality connecting data and common processes with Infor and other ERP systems. The result is a more complete Salesforce solution for Marketing, Sales and Service effectiveness.
Endowance Solutions works with industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, Life Sciences and more.
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OneOffice Integration

OneOffice Duet360 is Endowance's pre-built integration product to assist companies desiring to remove information silos
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Salesforce Solutions

Endowance's experience with the Salesforce Platform helps companies optimize business processes based on market best practices
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Digital Transformation

The Endowance Team are experts in comprehending and translating business requirements between the front and back offices, into integrated solutions
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What Our Customers Say

  1. Global sales information enriched with ERP data through the Duet360 integration, has enabled faster decision making to be competitive while providing an outstanding customer experience.
  2. Endowance was the only company who could manage the entire
    ​end-to-end solution. Endowance not only understood Infor ERP, they delivered many successful projects integrating to Salesforce.
    ​Their expertise and experience was just what we needed.
  3. Our sales people like the solution and are using it on a daily basis.
    ​Having a 360-degree view of the customers on one screen, gives them a better understanding of each customer and more time to work directly with them.
  4. Endowance fills a void in the marketplace with a Best of Breed product that successfully integrates the front and back office.
    ​They understand what our business needs to accomplish.