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What Manufacturing Processes Can Be Automated By Integration?

Updated: Mar 19

I'm glad you asked! Every company's processes will be slightly different. Some companies may have more or less processes than others. Doesn't matter. With a well-thought-out integration plan, redundancies can be eliminated, and execution time can be accelerated.

Make your own scorecard from the chart below of what processes you would like to experience faster throughput. Our experts at Endowance are waiting to hear from you—no time like the present.

Automated Process

Salesforce (CRM)

ERP System

Order Processing

Complete approved quote

Process order

Inventory Management

Track customer demand

Align/optimize inventory levels

Production planning and scheduling

Customer insights for demand and order patterns

Automated workflows adjust production schedules based on real-time or supply-chain disruptions

Customer Communications

Capture customer interactions, inquiries, and preferences

Customize order fulfillment. Automate updates on status, shipping, and delivery. Send to customers

Billing and Invoicing

Manage customer billing details and contract terms

Automate billing and invoicing processes, reduce errors and ensure timely payments

Service and Support

Track service requests and issues

Comprehensive  customer history aids support teams in addressing issues

Sales Forecasting

Capture data on leads, opportunities, and sales projections

Accurate sales forecasting helps organizations make data-driven decisions to meet market demands

Analytics and Reporting

Generate data on customer behavior, preferences, trends

Automated analytics and reporting insights into production efficiency, sales performance, and business

Quality Control and Compliance

Note customer feedback and quality-related data

Automate alerts for quality control processes, ensuring adherence to standards

Employee Collaboration

Facilitate sales, marketing, and customer collaboration

Remove siloes between departments involved in manufacturing processes

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