Introducing OneOffice Duet360 V5 Release

New release enhances what is already the most advanced, data rich
Salesforce and ERP pre-built integration product on the market at the greatest value

More Data Access
The V5 release increases available, actionable datasets by 15% optimizing data-driven decision making.

Salesforce users will experience more time savings through data aggregated and easily reviewed for making quicker customer and business decisions.
Elevated Customer Profile
The 360-degree customer profile view gets a boost from the ability to see more details on a single page layout through a well thought out and logical “Related” view of relevant customer information. From the Opportunity to a line level view of an Order partial shipments.

Management teams will want to know more about the on-demand Bookings, Billings and Backlog report included in the base product. This “Single pane of glass” view into the business immediately shows recognized revenue and outstanding payments.
Support Made Easier
The OneOffice Duet360 technical foundation has been advanced for scalability, managing the system, record errors, and improvements for data maintenance and end user support.