Pardot is the industry leading B2B marketing automation solution for Salesforce users. The application is designed to easily create and track campaigns using salesforce data. Marketing teams can save time, drive more qualified leads, build larger pipelines and drive higher revenue. Pardot provides ease of reporting results to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.
Endowance’s expertise in both sales and marketing is a perfect fit for defining and building an effective strategy based on specific marketing requirements. While discovering the most efficient way to Prospect and Customer engagement, Endowance consultants will help to streamline and optimize the way your marketing team operates, leading to faster decisions and more sales.
Endowance Solutions will help marketing teams:
  1. Create campaigns quicker and more efficiently
  2. Track campaign results and deliver qualified leads
  3. Learn more about customer behavior for maximum nurturing effectiveness
  4. Deliver management reports with key marketing metrics

Special Offerings

  1. Pardot Quick Start
    To speed up the ability to use the application, Endowance offers a faster way to get up and running. Integrated to Salesforce, the package includes campaigns, email templates and landing pages to support the marketing team in day-to-day operations.
  2. Pardot & Duet360 Package
    The newest Endowance Solutions product offering delivers off the shelf integration, sending Customers, Orders, Order Line Items and Contacts from Infor ERP. Pardot can extract this information to have in-depth knowledge of what products customers have and figure out upsell and cross-sell opportunities. And better yet, the integration to ERP is a Managed Service.

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