Infor Back Office Connect

(formerly known as Inforce)

Infor Back Office Connect (IBOC) is built on the platform and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. The goal for this solution is to give the users access to Infor ERP data including quotes, order, invoices, shipments, returns, payments, which will be synchronized near real-time to Salesforce. With full customer visibility in one place your sales team will be able to improve sales process.
IBOC synchronizes data between Salesforce's CRM and Inforce's ERP applications (i.e. customer's orders, quotes, shipments, invoices returns and payments) to be available to your team, close to real-time. Your sales team will have a complete 360 degree of their customer, allowing them to prioritize their activities.

Our Services

  1. Quick Start
    Package is focused on achieving quick wins, using the out-of-the-box Infor Back Office Connect. Quick-start offering targets Infor ERP customers who also like to include in their business applications and customers who like to implement Infor ERP solutions.
  2. Upgrade Package
    Upgrade package is focused on taking advantage of the latest features and enhancements from the Infor BOC. With this offering you will have an upgraded Infor BOC product that is fully supported by Infor and is seamlessly integrated with your instance and your Infor ERP solution.

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