Operational Excellence

Real-time visibility into production factors that affect profit margins and product cost

Production factors such as: job and PO variance, equipment and labor utilization, inventory availability; all contribute to overall product cost. Historically they are tracked but not analyzed and shared in a timely manner to enable proactive management decisions. 

Critical cross-functional tools delivering information to make informed management decisions

  • ​​A 360 profile of your customer including ERP customer data
  • Manage Customers and Contacts in Salesforce or ERP
  • Manage Quotes and Orders in Salesforce or ERP
  • Associate Quotes with Accounts or Opportunities
  • ​​​Embrace Multi-ERP and Multi-Company Accounting deployments
  • Manage ERP Ship-To entities as Salesforce Accounts
  • Synchronize ERP Customer Master, TransactionsSKUs and more
  • Standard and Custom Connectors to Your ERP

Analyze and Act on a Duet360 Customer Profile



Grow your pipeline with compelling messages based on accurate customer information like Quotes, Orders, Service Cases, Returns​​
​and more.
Be the informed Account Manager and achieve trusted advisor status by knowing the complete history of interactions with your company from suspect to repeat and referenceable customer.

Sales and Service


Empower your Service Representatives with comprehensive customer information to effectively and efficiently engage with the customer, solve problems and build loyalty.
Duet360 is a managed service, delivered in the cloud, that eliminates integration complexity, enhances performance and stability, and requires minimum IT involvement.

Success Requires Customer-360 View

Businesses strive to acquire new customer orders while building repeat, cross-sell and up-sell revenue with existing customers - and inspire customer loyalty. 
The cost of acquiring customers averages 10X the cost of doing business with existing customers. And naturally, it is imperative that customer-facing operations have a complete customer profile to plan, engage and execute each customer-interaction resulting in the best possible experience for both your customer and your business.

New Duet360 Quote and Order Management for Salesforce

​Manage Quotes and Orders in either Salesforce or your ERP - or both
Synchronize Quotes and Orders between Salesforce and your ERP
Associate Quotes and Orders with Accounts or Opportunities
With Salesforce, Quotes must be associated with an Opportunity
​With Duet360, Quotes can be associated with an Opportunity (or) an Account

Multi-ERP and Multi-Company Accounting

   Before Duet360 Multiple Salesforce deployments are required to support multiple ERP deployments.

Creating challenges for consolidated view of the business and introduces complexity and cost.    
With Duet360 a single Salesforce deployment is required to support multiple ERP deployments.

Enabling a consolidated view of the business while reducing complexity and cost.

Available Packages


Duet360 Enterprise


Customer 360-view in Salesforce by synchronizing information and
business processes with ERP including:
 Customers, Contacts, Quotes, Orders, Shipments, Returns, Invoices, Receivables, Products and more! 

Duet360 Enterprise is a prerequisite for all add-on solutions

*Billed Annually




Duet360 for Service Management


Synchronizes CSI Service Management with Duet360 Enterprise-enhanced Salesforce including Service Orders, Inventory, Parts Availability and more! 

**Duet360 Enterprise not included;
Billed Annually

Duet360 for Salesforce CPQ


Generates a Bill of Material (BoM) from the CPQ-generated quote 

Synchronizes both CPQ-generated Quote and Bill of Materials with your ERP

**Duet360 Enterprise not included;
Billed Annually

Duet360 for Field Service Lightning


Synchronizes your ERP with Duet360 Enterprise-enhanced FieldService Lightning including Service Orders, Inventory, Parts Availability and more! 

**Duet360 Enterprise not included;
Billed Annually
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