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Endowance is a Certified X-Author Resseller

X-Author is an application platform that turns Excel into a complete user interface for Salesforce. With it, users are able to add or update Salesforce records directly from an Excel spreadsheet with all the permissions, rules, and security of Salesforce. The powerful query capabilities increase user adoption and usage. Users are much more productive in Salesforce, and organizations can achieve ultimate Salesforce adoption.
Help Your Users
Help Your Admins
  • X-Author centralizes all data from Salesforce in Excel templates and preserves data security.
  • Records can be instantly updated in Excel and easily synchronized back to Salesforce.
  • No need to maintain and reconcile data in multiple spreadsheets and versions.
  • Eliminate manual one-by-one record updates.
  • Real-time update and insert into Salesforce increases users’ productivity.
  • X-Author allows bi-directional synchronization of records and supports both standard and custom objects.
  • Makes it easy for administrators to upload complex data sets with multiple objects.
  • No need to use v-lookups for data massaging.  
  • X-Author replaces the need to manage .csv files and use the data-loader.
  • Applications created once, can be reused by multiple users.

Marketing Segmentation App - Ready To Use Solution

   Endowance is introducing an exclusive pre-built application for X-Author. The solution is designed to empower marketing teams to discover new prospects from their current Salesforce database.
Marketing Segmentation App brings the possibility to segment a list of contacts based on related data linked to the account, such as products purchased, opportunities created or cases logged.

For the first time, Salesforce users can leverage the depth of the information they have already collected. Contacts can now be associated with all of the data they are linked with through their account.
Even better, this application allows the segmented list of contacts and leads to be directly linked to a campaign in Salesforce. This is the power to do more with your current investments!

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